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Reminder to sign petitions against Lese Majeste laws

It doesn’t matter if it’s about writing justified criticism, mindless slandering, not standing up in the cinema or re-telling truths or rumors…the Lese Majeste law is a tool of oppression and should be revoked. His Majesty the King deserves not only respect for his good work with this nations poor but also the benefit of the doubt that he is as loved and revered as the tourist-pamphlets tells us. This can only be the case if the LM-laws are revoked.

A person loved by a nation doesn’t need special laws to protect him from evil words.

Please show the elite and the politicians  how their [mis]use of LM-laws to is only hurting the institution they are [saying they are] trying to protect. Please sign the petitions listed in the post by FACT titled ‘Sign petitions against lese majeste laws‘.


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  1. Your having a laugh,Most Thai’s loathe their king.His family go around poor villages collecting money from them,then give a fraction back and claim the credit.The Thai royals build swimming pools for their pet dogs,and dress their muts in diamond studded jackets.The queen spent millions of dollars a year, on clothes according to US embassy cables,while the king tried to censor this revelation as the US kept pumping money into Thailand,so they could use their air bases.The poor meanwhile were denied basic healthcare and pensions while the kings “self sufficiency” mumbo jumbo was used as the countries only “welfare” system.It’s all on record now mate,and the Thai’s now know all about it too. P.S. the king shot his brother and let 3 servants die to avoid losing face.

    Comment by darrennelson | June 15, 2012 | Reply

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