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The failure of ‘state multiculturalism’ and the lack of balance

UK Prime Minister criticizes what he calls the failure of ‘state multiculturalism’ in a speech held in Munich, mirroring the speech held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel last year. The argument is that there needs to be a stronger national identity to counter the extremist influences of anti-western groups.

While the overall constructs of nation states are anti-freedom and authoritarian by design there is always degrees of evil in the equation. On the path to creating a Libertarian construct of true chosen communities we have to first attack the biggest threat. The offensive and aggressive religious or cultural groups are one such threat.

What we have to recognize is that powerful groups of diametrical opposite views as ours are doing their fullest, including armed attacks on civilian targets, to push nations and people towards either submission or open warfare – all to gain more influence and followers.

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