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The failure of ‘state multiculturalism’ and the lack of balance

UK Prime Minister criticizes what he calls the failure of ‘state multiculturalism’ in a speech held in Munich, mirroring the speech held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel last year. The argument is that there needs to be a stronger national identity to counter the extremist influences of anti-western groups.

While the overall constructs of nation states are anti-freedom and authoritarian by design there is always degrees of evil in the equation. On the path to creating a Libertarian construct of true chosen communities we have to first attack the biggest threat. The offensive and aggressive religious or cultural groups are one such threat.

What we have to recognize is that powerful groups of diametrical opposite views as ours are doing their fullest, including armed attacks on civilian targets, to push nations and people towards either submission or open warfare – all to gain more influence and followers.

And in a world where some groups want freedom and equal status of all — and others want extreme authoritarian rule and harsh rule over large segments of the worlds population, one cannot allow ‘religion’, ‘culture’ or ‘ideas’ to per automatic in a debate be assigned the same amount of value. Not all ideas, values or traditions are of the same value. Infact, most traditions are based on ignorance or oppression of the masses. In no free thinking society can a debate be held and these positions be seated on one side, freedom and liberty on the other, a moderator in the middle and viewers being ‘designed’ to take the ‘moderate’ position (being in a position of 50/50 of the two proposed view-points). This is the big fallacy of the ‘political correct’ debate. Not all opinions have the same value or should be shown the same amount of respect.

This doesn’t mean one should disallow anyone to carry them. But there should never, ever, be an agenda to allow all ideas to have the same amount of attention. It only pushed the ‘moderates’, representing the center of the balancing needle, towards the extremist, radical, point of view. And in many cases that means the militant, authoritarian and theocratic view-point.

Ignorant concepts, foolish traditions, extreme viewpoints or ideas must be called out for what they are. Exposed and ridiculed. This isn’t about being insensitive — it is about being logical, developed and educated.

Libertarianism is about allowing people to have their ignorance, misconceptions and foolish traditions, if they so wish. But declining them from imposing them upon others.

True freedom to live your life as you wish and being protected from others limiting this.

This struggle starts in the government, as flawed as the constructs currently is, declining anti-Freedom cultures, religions or groups to be allowed equal access to poisoning the public water. The best way to do this is to decline the ‘equal value’ idea of ‘multiculturalism’, that inevitably leads to western nations bending down to authoritarian groups while these groups original nations refuse to the fullest to return the favor — declining  the message of freedom to liberate their peoples minds.

By declining the concept of ‘multiculturalism’ — not to be confused with condoning racism or xenophobia — the people and the government of the west are able to openly highlight what traditions and viewpoints that they are in favor of.

One does not gain the respect of others by discarding ones own traditions in fear of upsetting others — one only loses ones own identity and give strength to other more aggressive groups that don’t share the same need to oblige those of other views.



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