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The goverment intrusion into the free market place is bad for the population

One if the core tenants of Libertarianism is that the market place – in large – needs to be left alone, when it comes to pricing and availability of goods. The reason for this is because market forces will always be more efficient in dealing with shortage and surplus in a way that doesn’t penalize the wrong individuals. But the urge of an authoritarian, fascistic of communistic government to intrude into the market place is often so strong it overrules any sane economical reasoning. Sometimes it is out of a flawed understanding of the market place and sometimes it is purely out of personal gain.

Please look at the video here and judge for yourself what is the reason in this case.


“The Corruption Cycle Behind Thailand’s Rice Pledging Scheme

The government announced the rice would be sold through G2G, through a company called GSSG Import & Export that is represented in Thailand by Mr. Rathanit Sojiratkul (Palm), who is an assistant to the Parliamentary Member, Mrs. Rapipan Pongruengrong, wife of Arisman Pongruengrong one of the core Red Shirt leaders.

Mr. Rathanit then issued a power of attorney to Mr. Nimon Rakdee or Joe, a right hand man of Sia Pieng. Mr. Nimon then brought the rice from the government through the Foreign Trade Department. Sia Piang sold the rice he got for less than market value, as it did not go through the bidding process, and sold it to rice mills at market value.

The government lost out in the first phase because Sia Pieng took the profit from the sell. The mills in turn sold back the rice they got from Sia Pieng to the government’s rice pledging program. The government brought this rice at a price that is 40% higher than market value. Therefore the mills made profit from selling the rice back to the government while the government lost out again for the second time as they now have to pledge their own rice.

The fact that the government lost out twice in this deal is probably not a coincidence due their misjudgment. But it is because Sia Pieng is actually a close friend of Thaksin Shinawatra. They say they are selling the rice through G2G when in fact they are selling to a company owned by Thaksin’s close friend.

Don’t forget that the money the government lost out on twice is actually our tax money.” (Source: TVForum)


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Facebook and the will to protect paid propaganda tools

We recently highlighted the fact that a known agitator, Andrew Spooner, not only posts highly vitrolic and inflamatory Tweets about anyone he percieves to be an opponent, he also proclaims to be objective and ‘keeper of the Truth’. His styl is that what he writes and represents is Truisms and anyone opposing them are evil and bad.

Not then mentioning that his own wife for example was the translator for R. Amsterdam during his last visit to Thailand. R. Amsterdam is known as the disrepruted propaganda and PR lawyer for hire – now hired by Thaksin to shew the western publics view of the events.

So with his wife clearly in bed with the organisation around a political criminal and his hired goons he tries to pretend he is objective and not at all running the arrends of Thaksin? We don’t buy it Mr. Spooner.

But highlighting this in some Facebook posts didn’t go down well with the machinery behind Spooner. They manage to get posts removed from Facebook walls, without notice to writers nor wall-owners, not once but several times.

Imagine the backroom-dealings that goes on for a big corporation to pretend that posts containing specific info mysteriously suffers random deletes hours after they are posted, and no other posts?

And this is the little icy tip that reveils just how big this money-machine that Thaksin wields really is and the amount of influence the propaganda-firms he operates has to their disposal.

Resist the oppression, resist the PR machinery, resist the oppression, resist the censorship.

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Chalerm announces that drugs will be erradicated in a year

In the latest series of outright lies and mind-blowing propaganda we today can read what Police Captain Chalerm YuuBamRung, Dep PM, says on the matter of drug contravention.

As posted over at TVF:

Chalerm vows to eradicate drugs in a year

BANGKOK, 25 September 2011 (NNT)-Deputy Prime Minister and Director of National Command Center for Drugs (NCCD), Police Captain Chalerm YuuBamRung, on Saturday presided over a meeting on the practical approach to prevent drugs in the Northern Region at Dusit Island Resort Hotel, Chiang Rai Province.

During the meeting, the Deputy Prime Minister stated that he intended to root out drugs problems in Thailand, adding that efforts must start from blocking the entry of narcotics from neighboring countries, combined with heavy handed and rapid crackdown on local drug rings.

The Deputy Prime Minister stated that he was confident that the police force, under his leadership, would be able to break considerable ground in the “War on Drugs” within 12 months.

Reminds us when Thaksin in in Feb 2003 announced to eradicate drugs in 3 months – an unprecedented slaughter of civilians and mere suspects started a ‘shoot-on-sight’-campaign of extra judicial killings that ended in over 2300 dead, with more than half feared completely innocent. (1)

So with previous announcements stating that they will not – even though they claim the last campaign was supported by everyone – have another ‘shoot-on-sight’-policy one has to wonder what magical recipe they have conjured up now…and couldn’t share with the police and military earlier.

In the US the share brute of jailed non-violent offenders are there because of drug-charges. Even amongst those jailed for violent crimes a very high share is there because of their connection to drugs, often the struggle to control the sale or distribution of it. In the US they have had a War on Drugs for over 80 years.

How has it worked out so far?

Imagine the gut it takes to conjure up proposals that a government will succeed in 1 year (or 3 months) what other nations haven’t been able to to in 80 years – after spending more than the former nations BNP several times over – to stop a trade that in the end shouldn’t be a criminal act – the consumption of recreational drugs.

If the trade and consumption was legalized we would be able to reduce the prison population immensely, have higher quality control of the products (no more or less accidental overdoses) and lower prices of the goods — prices that always goes up during the governments campaigns to stamp out the trade. This would reduce the economical strain that the recreational use can put on a family of an user and prohibit that the family structure collapses with the user risking to become an abuser with reduced income and failing family structure, leading to a life of crime to support their habit.

Dear Mr. Chalerm YuuBamRung, do the right thing, open up treatment centers for the users that cannot handle the self-responsibility and allow other adults to self-regulate their usage.

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A prediction

Within 16 years, if not opposed, there will be a declaration of United Republic of Red Villages under rule of President Thaksin.

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The failure of ‘state multiculturalism’ and the lack of balance

UK Prime Minister criticizes what he calls the failure of ‘state multiculturalism’ in a speech held in Munich, mirroring the speech held by German Chancellor Angela Merkel last year. The argument is that there needs to be a stronger national identity to counter the extremist influences of anti-western groups.

While the overall constructs of nation states are anti-freedom and authoritarian by design there is always degrees of evil in the equation. On the path to creating a Libertarian construct of true chosen communities we have to first attack the biggest threat. The offensive and aggressive religious or cultural groups are one such threat.

What we have to recognize is that powerful groups of diametrical opposite views as ours are doing their fullest, including armed attacks on civilian targets, to push nations and people towards either submission or open warfare – all to gain more influence and followers.

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Most people prefer ‘none of the above’ – a Libertarian Party is welcome?

In the news today we can read a editorial titled ‘Most people prefer ‘none of the above‘. it is about the fact that 61.8 per cent said that they don’t want to approve or disapprove of the current government. Perhaps since they don’t like the government but are also afraid of the ‘options’.

Can we perhaps see a rise of a true Libertarian party in the near future?

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MICT orders block of access against WikiLeaks website

In yet another attempt to stifle free speech and an open debate about the ailments and possible solutions in Thailand, yet another website has been blocked from access from within the country.

MICT today announces that it is blocking WikiLeaks due to national security concerns over the site’s content.

Thai authorities have used their emergency powers to block domestic access to the WikiLeaks whistleblower website on security grounds, a government official said Wednesday.

The order came from the government unit set up to oversee the response to political unrest that rocked the nation’s capital earlier this year, a spokeswoman for the Information and Communication Technology Ministry said.

“Access to this website has been temporarily suspended under the 2005 emergency decree,” she said.

While the enforcement is sporadic at ISP level (some allowing users to access the front page, some cannot handle the user going directly against the site without a DNS-lookup and others forget to block the mirrors or alternative addresses) it is clear that the reported 500 sites the MICT block per day is not only affecting ‘obscure’ or ‘unknown’ sites. It does and will affect major sites and even more so in the future when the MICT and the government will become more and more brave in their attempt to control exactly what kind of information the population should have access to.

Do you part, contact your ISP and protest their enforcement of the MICT block-list. Contact your MP and demand that any and all blocks be subject to a judicial hearing with proper and transparent ways of demanding unblocks in case of altered content or falsely flagged content blocks.

One day we might even be able to push them towards having no blocks at all…imagine that. A beacon of openness and free speech to other countries.

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Thailand continue to cover for substandard industries by using protectionism

In the news we read that Thailand to remove alcohol, tobacco from FTA. Is anyone surprised?

Ignore their mentioned reason, as there is no limit on the amount of crappy Thai whisky being sold in the nation, as it is just a paper-reason.

The real reason is pure and simple: protectionism.

The government is taking cues from their friends in the oligopolistic internal market that fear quality products to market prices, as it undercuts their substandard products. Profit is threatened so they pick up the phone and call their friends in the government. Policy for sale. Corporatism in action.

And it is the population that suffers.

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‘Thai prisons are bursting with drug offenders’

News-post in the TV-forum reports that Thai prisons are bursting with drug offenders. So up to 60% of the people in prison are in there due to drug usage or dealing. And these are a drop in the ocean of all users in the nation.

When will this government, and the once before that did summary executions of low level drug dealers, realize that they will not solve the issue with a ‘War on drugs’?

How many generations must be lost?

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The insanity is spreading to Thailand

A socialist is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money. -G. Gordon Liddy

Recently there was an article in The Nation about a survey done in May by the Thailand Development Research Institute. Ofcourse it was a slanted survey, done to reinforce the notion that tax should be raised and the government should increase the handouts in different sectors – by asking respondants to list the sections they would like to see social benefits if there is a tax increase.

Was there an option to respond ‘get the Government the hell out of my wallet’ or ‘stop stealing my money’?

I fear not.

And so the social activists that occupy too many chairs in institutions they cannot be fired from is on the track to push the socialist agenda that is wrecking havoc in the rest of the world.

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