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Most people prefer ‘none of the above’ – a Libertarian Party is welcome?

In the news today we can read a editorial titled ‘Most people prefer ‘none of the above‘. it is about the fact that 61.8 per cent said that they don’t want to approve or disapprove of the current government. Perhaps since they don’t like the government but are also afraid of the ‘options’.

Can we perhaps see a rise of a true Libertarian party in the near future?


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MICT orders block of access against WikiLeaks website

In yet another attempt to stifle free speech and an open debate about the ailments and possible solutions in Thailand, yet another website has been blocked from access from within the country.

MICT today announces that it is blocking WikiLeaks due to national security concerns over the site’s content.

Thai authorities have used their emergency powers to block domestic access to the WikiLeaks whistleblower website on security grounds, a government official said Wednesday.

The order came from the government unit set up to oversee the response to political unrest that rocked the nation’s capital earlier this year, a spokeswoman for the Information and Communication Technology Ministry said.

“Access to this website has been temporarily suspended under the 2005 emergency decree,” she said.

While the enforcement is sporadic at ISP level (some allowing users to access the front page, some cannot handle the user going directly against the site without a DNS-lookup and others forget to block the mirrors or alternative addresses) it is clear that the reported 500 sites the MICT block per day is not only affecting ‘obscure’ or ‘unknown’ sites. It does and will affect major sites and even more so in the future when the MICT and the government will become more and more brave in their attempt to control exactly what kind of information the population should have access to.

Do you part, contact your ISP and protest their enforcement of the MICT block-list. Contact your MP and demand that any and all blocks be subject to a judicial hearing with proper and transparent ways of demanding unblocks in case of altered content or falsely flagged content blocks.

One day we might even be able to push them towards having no blocks at all…imagine that. A beacon of openness and free speech to other countries.

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Libertarian t-shirts

We have t-shirt web-shop running now with some Libertarian t-shirts etc. Click here to go there.

We also have some t-shirts with a more Thai political slant.

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Couple is sentenced for selling Mickey Mouse bags – death to IP laws

We could today read an opinion piece called ‘Second Thought on Piracy Crackdown’ regarding a small shop being ordered to pay 30k baht in penalty for selling 4 bags with Mickey Mouse logos. The article however misses the point, and that is that IP legislation in its foundation is unjust and should be abolished.

I would recommend a read over at ‘The Death Throes of Pro-IP Libertarianism‘.

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Thailand continue to cover for substandard industries by using protectionism

In the news we read that Thailand to remove alcohol, tobacco from FTA. Is anyone surprised?

Ignore their mentioned reason, as there is no limit on the amount of crappy Thai whisky being sold in the nation, as it is just a paper-reason.

The real reason is pure and simple: protectionism.

The government is taking cues from their friends in the oligopolistic internal market that fear quality products to market prices, as it undercuts their substandard products. Profit is threatened so they pick up the phone and call their friends in the government. Policy for sale. Corporatism in action.

And it is the population that suffers.

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‘Thai prisons are bursting with drug offenders’

News-post in the TV-forum reports that Thai prisons are bursting with drug offenders. So up to 60% of the people in prison are in there due to drug usage or dealing. And these are a drop in the ocean of all users in the nation.

When will this government, and the once before that did summary executions of low level drug dealers, realize that they will not solve the issue with a ‘War on drugs’?

How many generations must be lost?

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The insanity is spreading to Thailand

A socialist is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money. -G. Gordon Liddy

Recently there was an article in The Nation about a survey done in May by the Thailand Development Research Institute. Ofcourse it was a slanted survey, done to reinforce the notion that tax should be raised and the government should increase the handouts in different sectors – by asking respondants to list the sections they would like to see social benefits if there is a tax increase.

Was there an option to respond ‘get the Government the hell out of my wallet’ or ‘stop stealing my money’?

I fear not.

And so the social activists that occupy too many chairs in institutions they cannot be fired from is on the track to push the socialist agenda that is wrecking havoc in the rest of the world.

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Reminder to sign petitions against Lese Majeste laws

It doesn’t matter if it’s about writing justified criticism, mindless slandering, not standing up in the cinema or re-telling truths or rumors…the Lese Majeste law is a tool of oppression and should be revoked. His Majesty the King deserves not only respect for his good work with this nations poor but also the benefit of the doubt that he is as loved and revered as the tourist-pamphlets tells us. This can only be the case if the LM-laws are revoked. Continue reading

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‘Tooth Fairy Economics’

Over at Campaign For Liberty Tom Woods has written a piece called ‘Tooth Fairy Economics‘ (found via), regarding the misconception that the governments involvement by ‘boosting’ the economy using stimulus packages would be a good thing or could be done so any without negative effects on other parts of the economy. Continue reading

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A taxi drivers opinion and a Libertarian reflection

While in the taxi from my home to Suvarnabhumi airport I came into conversation with the taxi driver. Or more to say, the taxi driver came into conversation with me as he was very eager to inform me of his views of former PM Thaksin. During this conversation I was met with the repeating of the arguments heard before and somewhere in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but to draw to memory the importance of the taxi radio stations as expressed by others. Continue reading

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